Semper Sursum Lodge

Barrow Masonic Hall

Barrow Masonic Hall

Semper Sursum Lodge No. 5622

On May 23rd 1935 at a meeting of representatives from Hartington, Hindpool and Barrow Lodges it was unanimously recommended that a new lodge be formed in Barrow to assist with the ever increasing demand for Freemasonary. Except on the occasion of the annual installation, it was suggested that the lodge be a temperance lodge, with no intoxicant being served. Little is know on how long the temperance aspect lasted, but it seemed to be short lived.

Semper Sursum Banner

Semper Sursum Banner

12 Founders Jewels were commissoned for this occasion and on Wed 21st October 1936 at 3-15pm the consecration ceremony took place. 82 brethren attended and they comprised of the following Lodges:

Barrow 20

Hindpool 14

Hartington 13

Thurston 8

Baldwin 7

Furness 6

A.J.B. 6

Hawkshead 2

Newby Bridge 2

Windermere 1

Ancient Union 1

Prince of Wales 1

Rectitude 1

Since that date Semper Sursum Lodge have held thier meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.