Joint convocation at Abbey Chapter

Barrow-in-Furness Masonic Hall was the setting for a joint convocation hosted by Abbey Chapter No 1225. The Deputy Grand Superintendent Paul Renton was in attendance, accompanied by local Assistant to the Grand Principals Chris Butterfield. They were joined by Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah David Barr, Furness and South Lakeland Group Chairman Peter Schofield and several grand and acting Provincial grand officers.

Pictured from left to right, are: Paul Renton, John Marriott, Tony Cassells, Derek Forrest and Gary Rogerson.

First principal Doug Smith being out of the country on work commitments, it fell to Tony Cassells to stand in for him and take his place alongside second principal John Marriott and third principal Derek Forrest.

After the opening of the chapter and the disposal of regular chapter business, Chris rose to explain that what would follow would be a demonstration of further aspects of Masonic ritual with representatives from all of the chapters in the group taking part in the proceedings. In total 35 Royal Arch Masons were involved in the work.

As this may be rolled out to other parts of the Province, it is perhaps better to whet the appetite by stating, without going into unnecessary details, the event proved both interesting and stimulating. Suffice it to say it included an explanation of the roles of some of the chapter officers and the layout of the room. It was without doubt a great success with all, whether taking an active role or simply looking on, agreeing that it had been a very worthwhile exercise.

Pictured are some of the companions who took part in the proceedings.

Following the meeting 80 diners enjoyed a superb meal in the Fairfield Suite. A collection for charity was taken at dinner with the proceeds being apportioned equally between all the chapters who had taken part. As a result each chapter in the group was credited with the sum of £32 towards their patronage of the Masonic Charitable Foundation 2021 Festival.

Chris and group vice chairman Gary Rogerson had obviously put in a lot of effort to bring everything together and were congratulated by David. One of the last acts of the evening was for Tony to present David and Chris with bouquets for their wives.

The evening had afforded an opportunity for companions to perform in front of a packed room; it had provided many with their daily advancement in their Masonic knowledge and it had brought together companions from all of the chapters to enjoy the company of each other. It was indeed a success on many levels.

Pictured from left to right seated, are the grand and acting Provincial grand officers: David Barr, Chris Butterfield, Paul Renton, Gary Rogerson and Peter Schofield. Standing: Barrie Crossley, Rowly Saunders, Steve McClintock, Paul Thompson, Chris Band, Peter Quirk, John Quiggin, David Grainger and Dennis Laird.


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