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Lonsdale Lodge of Installed Masters No. 9422


The Lonsdale Lodge of Installed Masters was granted a warrant on 13th February 1991 with 64 founder members who each contributed £50 towards the cost of establishing the Lodge.

The Lodge was Consecrated at The Masonic Hall, Kings Road, Ulverston on Monday the 2nd March 1992. The Lodge was opened by Wor.Bro, Colin P.Wright PSGD, APrGM. The PGM Wor.Bro. Kenneth E. Moxley took the Chair while the Lodge was Consecrated. The first Worshipful Master was Wor.Bro J.L.Whitton PJGD who was installed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master V.Wor.Bro. Edward Houghton P.G.Swd.B.

The following Oration was then delivered:


The name chosen for the Lodge – LONSDALE, has connections with a family which can trace its origins back many centuries. The earldom was once held by the Lowthers of Westmorland. An ancestor of Lonsdale was the chief minister of Edward 1st. who reigned from 1272 – 1307. Many people, when asked to recall what it is they associate with Lonsdale, will suggest boxing. Whilst this immediate reaction is understandable – indeed one of the Earls was a great sportsman – it in no way exhausts what is interesting about the family. The name has been linked with many important incidents, particularly in this area.

Incidentally, the motto on their coat of arms is

” Magistratus indicat virum ” — ‘ The office shows the man ‘ A man may be judged by the way he conducts himself in office – a thought that is not inappropriate for a Masonic lodge. Many would believe that an important function of the fraternity is to encourage the flowering of a man’s personality unhindered by considerations that sometimes restrict us in other walks of life.

The selection of the name suggests a respect for the historical foundations of this area. To throw away and show lack of concern for the experiences of the past, for the forces that have moulded us and the traditions that sustain us, must reflect great folly. Henry Ford may have said and believed that History is ‘Bunk’, but he was in the business of mass producing cars, not maintaining an institution which prides itself on its idealism and its concern for human relationships.

It is clear that the Founders, in setting out their hopes for this Lodge are not restricted to matters to do with maintaining what has happened in the past. They believe that this Lodge will play its part in enriching the masonry of those active in the craft at this time. They seek to deepen and extend the fellowship of those who can be so influential in the Lodges in this area. In addition they wish to consolidate and strengthen that which exists, so that it is a foundation on which to build.

We are privileged to be here at the birth of a new lodge. Clearly, much preparation and thought has taken place since its conception. This ceremony is meant to mark this unique event in the life of this Lodge. It is significant Lonsdale Lodge, that we, in Masonry, celebrate such an occasion in the way we do. We recognise  that this institution is not just the association of a number of men who have some specific interest such as might be the case in the formation of a bridge club. It is far more than that. The consecration represents our respect for tradition, for our roots. It encapsulates our appreciation of beauty and meaningful ritual. It expresses our humility in that we recognise above all things, the need for God’s blessing if this human institution is to flourish. It allows us to express our joy and celebrate the introduction into the world of a new infant.

After the ceremony we will eat, drink, and enjoy each others’ company at the festive board. All good baptisms have a party. We; are here to support those whose vision has brought this Lodge into being. We pray that their hopes will be justified and that their ideals will materialise into reality. We do this in the name of Him who is the one sure foundation.

Purpose of the Lodge

The Lodge was founded with the intention of providing Brethren who had just come out of the chair of their Lodge with a working role in Freemasonry and thus maintain an active interest. At the same time it provides a forum for them to meet and work with Brethren of other Lodges and expand their circle of friends.


The Lodge today has 100 subscribing members and 2 honorary members. Lodge meetings are on the first Monday of March, September and November. The installation is held in March at The Masonic Hall, Kings Road, Ulverston. The other meetings are usually held at The Masonic Hall, Fairfield Lane, Barrow-in-Furness and The Masonic Hall , Grange-over-Sands. All Installed Masters are encouraged to join the lodge, however all Brethren are encouraged to attend the meetings which are open to everyone.


A variety of lectures are arranged when the Lodge meets at Grange-over-Sands and Barrow-in-Furness. The nature of the lectures ranges from those which extend the Masonic knowledge of Brethren to those that are of a local historical interest and can be enjoyed by all. The Lodge actively encourages all Brethren in the Group to attend and benefit from the annual Lecture programme.

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If you require further information or you would like to become a member, please see a member of the Lonsdale Lodge of Installed Masters or use the contact form.


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