Group Committee Meeting May 2019

Twice a year Furness and South Lakeland group chairman Peter Schofield along with his group officers and together with the representatives from the lodges, chapters and other orders hold a meeting to discuss the state of the group.

These meetings affords an opportunity for the representatives to raise any concerns that may have been flagged up by their members.

It also gives the group chairman a platform to update those present on recent or upcoming developments which affect the group. The representatives are then able to report back to their lodges etc. so that everyone is aware of any changes and concerns which were raised.

Although full minutes of the meetings are circulated it is preferable that the representatives, whenever possible, attend the meeting so they can participate and learn at first-hand about what is being discussed in order that they can report back to their members.

At the latest meeting at Barrow Masonic Hall Peter drew attention to the work of the Almoners. There is a lot of valuable and much appreciated work being undertaken by them. However on occasions he, and others, have been left embarrassed when meeting the relatives of Masons who were disappointed that there had been no visit or contact from an Almoner during a period of ill-health or bereavement. Lodges and chapters are reminded that the appointment of someone to the position of Almoner is one that deserves careful consideration and that it is not done purely to fill a collar.

Peter also announced that the group had been charged to consider succession planning in respect of the group officers. To this end he stated that the following Brethren had been appointed as assistants to the various group officers to learn the role and s

tep in if need be ( in addition to Chris Gray who is already in post):-

Mentoring – David I.W. Smith

Publicity – David Ingham

Charity Graham Benson

Web – Doug Smith

Membership and Care to be notified at a later date.

He also took the opportunity to thank the acting officers in the craft and the chapter during the past year for their outstanding efforts and congratulated those who had or will be been appointed or promoted this year.

Additionally the following appointments and promotions in other orders were recognised.


Grand rank


Les Preston PAGStdB


Kieron Mullan PrJGW (acting)

Nigel Higginson PrGStdB(acting)