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About the Cavendish Club.

The club held its inaugural meeting on the 5th November 2017. During this meeting the officers and committee were elected to position and the constitution was agreed and adopted. The overarching aim of the club is to facilitate social interaction between new, junior and experienced freemasons who have not yet received Provincial rank. The club is open to anyone who fits this description and lives / works within the Furness and South Lakeland group, provided your mother lodge is recognised by UGLE.

There are no costs associated with joining the Cavendish Club.

How do I join or find out more?

If you wish to join, or submit an enquiry about The Cavendish Club, you can do either via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Events and future plans.

Since the formation of the club, the members have attended some extremely positive and enjoyable events.
In December 2017, the Club organised a visit to Hindpool Christmas Lodge; we were treated to a wonderful night, which included, a lodge meeting, a Christmas dinner, fabulous homemade mince pies,waitresses, Christmas hats, carols, excellent company and one brother even playing a tune on a teapot!
Following on from this, in January, members of the Cavendish Club attended and stewarded the Group dinner, held at the Fairfield. This was another excellent night and we must have worked hard as we’ve been invited back next year.
More recently, on Sunday 17th February, 10 members of the Cavendish club attended the Barrow Rugby League game v Leigh. They took out a hospitality box and enjoyed the solid and liquid refreshments provided, as well as a fantastic game of rugby which resulted in a hard fought home win.
There has also been the launch of the Cavendish Club pin bade. This is a bespoke design and is available from any of the officers at a cost of £5. Many thanks to W/Bro Alan Tomlinson and Bro Paul Ackred for their hard work and involvement in this project.
Future Cavendish Club events are set to include… Sunday 8th April 2018 – a trip to Hawkshead Brewery; May/June – trips to Barrow R.L in the Schofield Construction hospitality box; July/August – sponsorship days at Lindal C.C and another local club (tbc); September/October – a trip to London which will include a visit to Grand Lodge at Great Queen St.

Please do join the Cavendish Club at the earliest opportunity and if you have any ideas, questions or other suggestions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the officers or your Lodge Representative.




Phil Renney

Vice Chairman

Allan Ritchie


Carl Hallows



Stuart Braithwaite 





Letter from the Cavendish Club Chairman

Cavendish Club Agenda 5th November 2017

Cavendish Club Constitution


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